21-09-2015 Wii bowling competition in Vilbergen Bowling Center Sweden


Today we started a side project in the HF-Wii study. We invited retired participants to get an introduction session of the Wii bowling and to try to compete against each other. We are intrested if elderly persons would like to have this kind of competition and if this format could be something for HF patients in the future. 


The idea from the Wii bowling competition comes from America, where nursing homes are competing against each other. To get an idea how popular this is, please click to watch a video here.


To give an impression of our morning please look at the pictures below.



All participants were enthusiastic with playing Bowling in a virtual reality world. This was the first step in creating a Wii bowling competition in Sweden and the 14th of October at 13:00 we will have another afternoon were new members will be introduced to the game and these 5 members will compete with each other.