The netherlabnds started last week with the introduction and installations of the Wii!!


We are so proud that Josiane and Mireille accomplished to do the baseline measurements of 12 patients in one day! We had a really nice group and everyone was really interested and enthusiastic of the study.


Below you can see a pictures of our Wii-stars in the Netherlands.


Mireille Spanjers & Josiane Boyne


After the introduction study, we did the installation of the Wii computers at home. One beautiful couple was so kind that we could use a picture of them for this website. The husband has heart failure and his wife is a very supportive women. Both were really enthusiastic about the study and will try to play every day. Most of the participants in the study play bowling a lot, but this couple was sure they would play golf a lot. They played golf when they were younger and were not able to do this sports in real time. Therefore they were really intrested in the possibility to play golf again in a virtual environment. We are sure this couple will do great (see picture below)!